about us

Tech Expozed is the umbrella brand for a family of specialised IT brands encompassing a wide range of IT specific products and services.
Tech Expozed has a focus of becoming the most trusted and reliable global IT Company. This is done by supporting business with quality solutions which results in better outcomes for our customers.

Tech Expozed is an exciting IT company looking to revolutionise the IT landscape. They provide highly customizable services and products, working to provide IT support for individuals, businesses and corporates. They have a unique range of services and are able to source, install and manage a customised solution that fits your business and budget.


Our strengths are that we are experts in what we do with qualified, knowledgeable, specialist staff that provides quality and trustworthy service. Our refurbished products and e-recycling has a two-fold purpose of bridging the digital divide and supporting environmental responsibility through the refreshment of prematurely retired computer systems alongside new systems from business partners in the form of Microsoft, Lenovo, HP and Epson. Our program proves that limited funding does not preclude access to technology.

Tech Expozed have unique services, such as Website Design & Development, Customized Tech Solutions, Android & IOS Application Development, Website Penetration & Software Testing, Social Media Marketing, Computer maintenance, Data Recovery, HDD Secure Wipe and Password Recovery.