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New Zealand is well known and prominent in welcoming and promoting ethnic diversities into our neighbourhoods. As a nation, Maori welcomed the English here to safely trade and reside through a partnership contract known as Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Thenceforth, Our nation welcomed people from all corners of the world. As a result of this, the ethnic communities are increasing which makes our nation to grow and develop more ethnically diverse and multicultural neighbourhoods in our cities.

We strongly believe in ethnic diversity which brought productive growth to our teamwork in this competitive market. Our team is accompanied by ethnically diverse people who contribute great customized solutions in IT. We work together to support and exchange innovative ideas to achieve business goals. We successfully delivered numerous projects in the areas of digital marketing, web designing and development.

As one of the best web design companies in New Zealand, our success has grown in our team with creative professionals from diverse ethnicities. Our team’s innovative thoughts are shown in the project’s that we are a part of. Once our client’s requirements are documented, our team use the latest techniques and technologies.

Our diversity is the most powerful thing which we utilize to offer exceptional services to our customers. We acknowledge, celebrate and deeply value our cultural richness and strength to deliver an astounding professional experience in custom-built websites. Our team is always looking to partner with our community to provide experience to immigrants and to provide end-to-end IT solutions.

Our team provides an all round approach based upon our incredible Māori ancestors of this land that have welcomed us. Our team encourage each other in respect of Te whare Tapa Wha - The four walls of a house, which is an integrated view of health according to Māori. By nurturing and strengthening all 4 walls, we encourage our team to look after their health and wellbeing, as well as the health and wellbeing of their whānau.

One of these 4 walls is our Spiritual Wellbeing, this is acknowledged to be the most essential requirement for health and the life force that determines who you are. it is understood that without a spiritual awareness, an individual can be lacking in wellbeing and more prone to ill health. Our team has different views on spiritual wellbeing, but all are equally important. There is no right or wrong way to think of or experience spiritual wellbeing.

Another is our Mental Wellbeing, it is your mind, heart, conscience, thoughts and feelings. It’s about how you feel, as well as how you communicate and think. Our team regularly check in with each other.

Mental wellbeing is important for everyone, regardless of whether or not you’ve experienced mental illness or distress. You can express your feelings and reach out for support from our wider whānau and colleagues if you need to.

Another is Physical Wellbeing, It is about how your body grows, feels and moves, and how you care for it. Nourishing and strengthening your physical wellbeing helps you to cope with the ups and downs and life. Feeling physically well helps you feel mentally well. We have a target to strengthen each other by making commitment to each and having a plan in place.

Another is Famiy (Whānau), this is about extended relationships – it’s not just your immediate relatives, it’s your friends, colleagues, community and the people you care about. Everyone has a place and a role to fulfil within their whānau, and whānau contributes to your individual wellbeing and identity.

Spending time with whānau, doing things for them and getting involved gives you a feeling of purpose, connection and wellbeing. It benefits you and strengthens your whānau. As a core source of strength, support, security and identity, whānau plays a central role in your wellbeing. This is the core of what makes the difference with the immigrants we are helping to get established and feel at home with a community of aroha and support.

Our Ethnic community thrive through the practice and celebration of culture, as our team thrive and grow through the internships they find opportunities to express their culture. We are very hospitable to our interns and made to feel welcome which gives respect between different people, groups and cultures. Our team has the flexibility with their work to express themselves for all to see.
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Information security has been a rising issue lately due to a series of scandals from big companies, rest assured, we're here.

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Abbie Ferguson
I’ve been working with over 9 IT companies on more than 200 projects of our company, but @Techexpozed is one of the most impressive to me.
Monica Blews
Web designer
I have been working at Techexpozed full-time for more than 3 years. Growth and Compensation Benefits are awesome.
Bhavneet Kaur
They will do everything they can do take care of you. I love working for them.
Amari L
Company is growing and trying to increase their foot print.